Our Mission


To establish, preserve and maintain a collection of objects, artifacts, arts, papers, books, photographs, etc. that document and describe the history and culture of African Americans in the new World, with an emphasis on our local and regional (Reading, Berks and surrounding counties) African American history and culture, and to create an appropriate environment for exhibition of the collection to foster understanding of the history and culture of Africans in the New World, and to encourage education and research.

False Bottom Carriage

Get Excited!

CPAAM contains many authentic pieces that are both rare and one-of-kind. The rich stories these artifacts hold, the culture, and the history of the Underground Railroad will take you on a unique journey unlike any before. So we invite you to come ride the Underground Railroad where culture and history come to life! 


What is the Underground Railroad?

It was neither a railroad, nor was it necessarily underground. It was a name given to a network of people who hid slaves as they escaped to freedom. There are several stops located here in Berks County which the museum has well documented.

The African American history is part of an abounding American history. CPAAM is honored to share some of it with you. There are unbelievable and fascinating stories all around us, come down to CPAAM and learn a bit more about the ones your community holds!

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